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Our 24-hour swivel chairs are used in a diverse range of sectors:
from fire stations and rescue services, police and airports, to public authorities and businesses spanning all industries.

24 hour office chairs in the Industry

Our 24 hour task chair in the energy sector

24 hour chairs in the transportation industry

24 hour chairs in the health and safety sector

  • Basel fire brigade
  • Frankfurt am Main fire brigade
  • Duisburg municipal services control room
  • Karlsruhe traffic and control centre
  • Groß-Gerau integrated control centre
  • Bonn municipal services control room
  • Dortmund municipal services control room
  • Westnetz control centre
  • Cuxhaven waterways and shipping office
  • Aschaffenburg integrated control centre
  • Aurubis Hamburg control room
  • Koblenz control centre
  • Ansbach integrated control centre
  • Nuremberg integrated control centre
  • Aachen police headquarters
  • E.ON Thüringer Energie control room

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