Ergonomic performance for energy supplier

The Amprion System Operation and Control Centre in Brauweiler near Cologne, Germany, opened in summer 2021 and is the largest of its kind in Europe. Control centre employees all use Svenstol 24-hour chairs.

Along with 50 Hertz, TenneT and Transnet BW, Amprion is one of four transmission system operators (TSO) in Germany. These ensure the uninterrupted cross-regional transmission of electricity. If you imagine the electricity grid as a road network, the TSOs would be responsible for the smooth flow of motorway traffic. Amprion transports electricity via an 11,000-kilometre high-voltage grid in an area stretching from Lower Saxony to the Alps.

A central role in Germany’s energy reform

Together with the other TSOs, Amprion has a key role to play in Germany’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Whereas in the past there were only a handful of large-scale electricity producers, most of them nuclear and coal-fired power plants, a substantial amount of today’s electricity now comes from a number of small producers that utilise wind and solar energy. This places high demands on modern grids. The key challenge here is that there must always be as much electricity generated as is consumed. It is relatively easy to control the generation of electricity using nuclear power, coal and gas. For energy producers that are dependent on the weather, on the other hand, controlling electricity generation is more difficult. As it stands, supply gaps during consumption peaks can only be prevented with electricity from conventional power plants. Amprion and the other grid operators are tasked with ensuring security of supply going forwards as the use of renewables continues to increase.

One of the most modern transmission system control centres in the world

The System Operation and Control Centre (SOCC) in Brauweiler is effectively a central operational system for Germany’s energy transition. At the heart of the new Amprion SOCC are two state-of-the-art computer centres and a new large-format video wall. Measuring 108 square metres, the latter is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. State-of-the-art visualisation software such as a so-called “heat map” is used to process millions of pieces of information from the grid every day. These are visualised and compiled to create a continuously updated overview. Thanks to its SOCC, Amprion has a round-the-clock-view of transmission grids from northern France to the Czech Republic and from Denmark to northern Italy. The transmission system operator covers the largest monitoring area in Europe, meaning it is also responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of electricity for more than 500 million people Europe-wide.

We are thrilled that Amprion has opted for Svenstol 24-hour chairs, which, with their ergonomic comfort, provide SOCC employees with all the support they need.