Svenstol 24h chairs used at the US air base Ramstein

The US air base Ramstein is the largest US Air Force base outside of the US. The military base near Kaiserslautern is about 14 square kilometres and employs over 9,000 US soldiers and over 2,000 civilian employees. In 2022, the airfield is celebrating its 70-year anniversary.

The airfield has become the most important hub for freight and troop transports globally for the US Air Force. Due to its geographically favourable location, US aircraft often land in the Palatinate to refuel and load.

US presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump have also made stopovers here on their trips. Nearby Landstuhl also has the largest military hospital outside of the US, which is why the airfield in Ramstein is also the destination for evacuation flights from all over the world. That is why in August 2021, for example, several thousand people from the Afghan capital of Kabul were flown to Ramstein.

Svenstol 24h chairs are used, among other places, in the control centre of the 86th Fire & Emergency Service Flight, which coordinates all emergency deployments of the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC). In total, more than 60,000 US citizens live in the region around the air base.