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Made for challenging uses

Extremely robust, comfortable, reliable and a lot of fun: a Svenstol is the Jeep among office chairs.

StolComfort develops, manufactures and distributes comfortable and particularly stable office chairs that are primarily used in control rooms in 24/7 operation.

The Svenstol 24h chairs are Made in Germany and are the only 24h chairs in the world that have been developed 100% - from the 6-arm base to the 3D comfort headrest - for use around the clock.

The Svenstol S5 is the best-selling 24h chair in German-speaking countries.

German-Swedish co-production

Founded in 2005 in Trollhättan as an ergonomics specialist, Stolcomfort has been about individual seating comfort solutions from the very beginning - in the car and in the office.

Since 2009 and the founding of Stolcomfort GmbH in Lemgo, we have specialised in the distribution and development of 24-hour chairs.

With the Svenstol models first presented in 2015, we were able to set a new benchmark for 24h chairs. Since then, we have been on a steep growth curve.

100% 24h chair

The Svenstol is the only 24-hour chair that is 100% - from the 6-arm footrest to the 6-way headrest - exclusively developed for the requirements of VDU workstations in control centres.

Conventional office chair components are not even used.

Made in Germany

  • Company headquarters in Lemgo
  • Every Svenstol is built in Lemgo
  • 90% of our suppliers come from Germany

No. 1 in Germany

  • Supply contracts with almost all major 24/7 customers in German-speaking countries: Deutsche Bahn, BASF, German Customs, Austrian Railways and Swiss Railways (further references).
  • Over 70% of fire brigade control centres are based on Svenstol
  • 60% of DAX40 companies are customers 
  • Customer satisfaction survey 2023: 9.4/10 ("Would you recommend Svenstol to others?", 1211 companies surveyed, 177 responses)

Customers worldwide

In the meantime, almost 40% of all Svenstol chairs are exported. The chairs go to France, Belgium or the Netherlands. But we also have customers in Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, Kazakhstan or Greenland.



The most important quality of a Svenstol is its longevity. Sustainability is therefore per se an essential part of a Svenstol's DNA.

As part of our environmental management, ISO 14001 certified since 2021, we also work systematically to continuously improve our environmental performance.


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