24 Stunden Stuhl

100 % Guarantee

A 5-year guarantee on all 24h chairs. All costs are covered.

24 Stunden Stuhl Service

First-hand service

Svenstol's field team respond fast to any emergency

Guarantee + Service

5 years genuine guarantee.

Lean back and stay relaxed with our full guarantee. Does your Svenstol have a fault? We will repair the damage as quickly as possible – generally within 1-2 weeks. All costs, including all parts, materials, work and shipping are covered by the guarantee.

If the service is good then everything's good.

With Svenstol, you not only get the chairs “direct from the manufacturer”, you also get first-hand service. Thanks to our direct sales service, our field team will visit you on a regular basis and will always be quick to assist in the event of a complaint. 

Our special service: Replacement chairs.

If in very exceptional cases you have to wait longer for our service or a repair is not possible on site then we will provide a replacement Svenstol until your own chair is fit for use again.

Care for your chairs: Our maintenance service.

Years of constant use will leave their mark even on a Svenstol. So make use of our maintenance service: we will check and clean your Svenstol 24h swivel chairs once or twice a year to ensure that every single chair works to perfection. Your chairs will always be in the best possible condition and their service life will be extended.