Svenstol inside the German Bundestag

The Reichstag building is one of Germany’s best-known landmarks. Around 700 members of the German Bundestag and their colleagues work there and in the surrounding parliamentary buildings. And to do so, they need electricity, warmth and fresh air. All three are supplied by the Bundestag’s energy control centre. Employees at the energy control centre, which is in service around the clock, have been using 24-hour chairs from Stolcomfort for six years now.

The parliament buildings have been equipped with a unique and innovative energy supply system, which guarantees the highest security of supply and also sets standards in terms of ecology.

In addition to three combined heat and power plants (CHP: combined heat and power), 4000 m² of photovoltaic roof panels also supply electricity. Underground cold and heat storage tanks use the surplus heat from the CHP units’ energy generation to provide ecological cooling and heating for the parliament buildings. The glass dome of the Reichstag building not only looks impressive, but also supports efficient energy use. It’s equipped with 360 mirrors that direct daylight into the plenary chamber, reducing the need for artificial light and therefore saving electricity.

This complex energy supply system all comes together at the energy control centre. It is here that the power generated at various locations is directed to wherever it is needed. “Svenstol 24-hour chairs are ideal for our work because they ensure both active and relaxed sitting, which results in optimal concentration," says Uwe Spangenberg, head of the energy control centre.