Sustainability and environmental management at Stolcomfort


24-hour chairs in particular are anything but a trend or fashion item, but a sensible investment in employee health and satisfaction. We develop chairs that are in demand by our customers for three reasons:

  • they are highly durable 
  • they last a long time 
  • they protect the health and performance of their users

In this sense, sustainability has been a central part of our DNA from the very beginning.

Central aspects of our environmental management system

The aim of our environmental management system is to minimise the impact on the environment over the entire life cycle of a Svenstol®.

ISO 14001

For this very reason, we consider it our absolute responsibility to realise the sustainable quality of our products in all areas of our company and our activities. For this reason, we have installed an environmental management system to help us systematically record the effects of our corporate activities on our environment, to make us aware of them and to manage and reduce them in a targeted manner. 

In doing so, we take into account all aspects of the entire value chain - from working conditions at our suppliers to the recycling of old chairs. In 2021, our environmental management system was certified according to ISO 14001.

Blue Angel

All Svenstol models have been awarded the "Blue Angel". The Blue Angel has been the German government's environmental label for over 45 years. It identifies environmentally friendly products and services. The purpose of the eco-label is to give private consumers, institutional large-scale consumers and public institutions a reliable orientation for environmentally conscious purchasing.

CO2 footprint

We record our CO2 emissions holistically - from the extraction of raw materials and our company vehicles to the disposal or recycling of the chairs. This involves a great deal of effort in order to create a database that is as complete and reliable as possible. This enables us to better identify where we need to start in order to further reduce our carbon footprint. And we can see where we stand in comparison: per €1,000 of value added we emit 85 kg Co2 (manufacturing industry in Germany as a whole (2020): 328 kg/1000 € (source: Federal Statistical Office)).

Our goals

Approximately 80% of our CO2 emissions are caused by the materials we use - metals, plastics, leather. Our task for effective environmental and climate management is therefore: to continuously reduce our use of materials and find alternative environmentally friendly materials - without sacrificing durability and comfort.

For years, we have therefore also paid attention to environmental aspects when selecting our suppliers: among other things, our leather supplier has also been awarded the Blue Angel, our upholstery supplier is cradle-to-cradle certified, our aluminium parts are made of 100% recycled material, the chairs are almost 100% recyclable and our metal parts are coated using a particularly environmentally friendly process.

In order to be CO2-neutral as quickly as possible, we will continue to invest in our product development in particular in the future in order to integrate new technologies and materials as quickly as possible.

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