To Mars and back – Svenstol® supports space research

Is there life on other planets? How can we predict natural disasters? These are just some of the fascinating questions that the German National Aeronautics and Space Research Centre, or DLR, strives to answer. And to ensure that the DLR researchers remain healthy and comfortable while they go about this important work, the centre is kitted out with Svenstol® 24-hour chairs.

The German National Aeronautics and Space Research Centre, or DLR, employs approximately 8000 people at 16 German sites and 32 institutes and establishments. The team at the federal research centre studies the earth and the solar system, and works on the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies. Our 24-hour chairs are used at the largest DLR site in Oberpfaffenhofen, where around 1600 employees work on research and development in the fields of robotics, communication and the diverse facets of earth exploration. One of the team's key projects is the control of the Columbus laboratory. The lab, located on the International Space Station (ISS), uses the zero-gravity conditions of space to conduct physical and biological research – to identify the causes of muscular and skeletal degeneration in humans, for example, or to find new ways to burn fuels in a more efficient, more environmentally friendly way.

Many of the Oberpfaffenhofen site's projects and missions are well-known among the general public and are regularly covered by the media. The team's collaboration with Hollywood film makers was a special highlight for the DLR. Based on images from the Mars Express probe, DLR scientists reconstructed the journey that astronaut Mark Watney takes to the Schiaparelli crater, in pursuit of the rescue crew on the Ares IV, in the blockbuster film "The Martian". The overflight sequence in the film was created from around 7300 stereo images.

We are proud to support the fascinating work carried out at the DLR with Svenstol® office chairs. By ensuring that researchers maintain a healthy seated posture at work, our chairs support the DLR in its future research missions in space and on planet earth. Further information on the work of the DLR is available at: