Svenstol 24h chairs used at ÖBB

Since the start of 2020, people at the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) have been sitting on Svenstol 24h chairs. In a one-month test and selection process, the Svenstol was able to win out against various other competitors.

The ÖBB transports around 1.3 million passengers and over 300,000 tonnes of goods daily. More than 41,000 employees ensure that around 6,500 trains and 2,400 buses reach their destination. In total, they cover a distance equivalent of going around the world ten times every day. With a record of around 97 per cent punctuality, the ÖBB is one of the most punctual railways in Europe.

The Svenstol 24h chairs are used wherever work is done around the clock to ensure the smoothest possible flow of traffic. That’s no simple task with a network of around 5,000 km of track, over 13,000 turnouts and more than 1,000 railway stations and bus stops. Keeping track of all of this is mainly the job of the traffic control centre (TCC) in Vienna and the five operations control centres (OCC) in Linz, Salzburg, Villach, Innsbruck and Vienna. Train traffic is controlled there, punctuality is monitored and information is collected and communicated there, day and night. The five OCC are each responsible for a region. The TCC in particular controls the large nationwide traffic routes, coordinates the traffic of all roughly 60 approved licensed rail transport companies in Austria and directs train traffic from and into the adjacent countries. Well over 6,000 trains are coordinated here daily. The workplaces of the traffic controllers are often equipped with up to 10 monitors to meet this varied task. All of the information is compiled on these monitors. A traffic manager knows, for example, how long before a train travelling from Germany to Vienna crosses the border, whether it can stick to its schedule and reach its destination railway station on time.

The railway is by far the most environmentally friendly means of transport. Compared to passenger transport by car, the railway produces 27-times less CO2. That is why we are delighted if with our 24h chairs we can make a small contribution to the ÖBB's big mission of getting more and more people to switch to trains and buses.