Popular among fire services in Germany and France

Emergency call in a control centre: A distraught woman calls to say that her husband has collapsed in the garden in the midday heat. A fast response is essential. The fire control operator on the phone must keep calm and take the right decisions to help the man as quickly as possible and potentially save his life.

Situations like this which are often a matter of life or death are an everyday scenario in a control room. Control operators bear a huge responsibility. They have to act quickly in extreme situations and initiate the right response with total concentration. Control operators are specially trained for such cases. And their workplaces have ergonomically specially developed technology and equipment which gives the operators the support they need to totally focus on the emergency at hand.

With their comfort and their tailor-made ergonomics, Svenstol® 24 hour chairs have been specially designed for this purpose. So we are delighted to see that over 60% of all fire service control rooms in Germany now use Svenstol® 24 hour chairs. They include Bavaria's largest command centre in Nuremberg. Germany's third-largest control room is responsible for an area of 2,000 km² with a population of 1.2 million. Each year the control operators respond to more than 280,000 calls to the fire service, rescue service, civil protection and water rescue, day and night. Given this continuous pressure, Thomas Löhr, deputy head of the control centre, is very pleased with the robustness of the Svenstol®: “The chairs have now been nearly 5 years in use but you’d hardly notice.”

In France too, where our subsidiary Stolcomfort France has been selling the Svenstol® since 2016, almost half of the 96 fire and rescue service control centres use Svenstol® 24 hour chairs. Since October 2019 these have included the CTA-CODIS (Centre de Traitement d'Alerte – Centre Opérationnel Départemental d'Incendie et de Secours) in Isère. The control centre serves an area of 7,431 km² with over 1.25 million inhabitants. Each year it receives over 400,000 emergency calls and coordinates more than 80,000 operations. Before they decided on the new Svenstol® 24 hour chairs the operators in Isère tested a number of 24 hour chairs in a selection exercise lasting several months, based on criteria such as comfort, ergonomics and robustness. The Svenstol® convinced the testers on all test criteria.

We are delighted with this vote of confidence in our Svenstol® 24 hour chairs. To know that we are contributing to improved workplace ergonomics and supporting the operators in their vital work motivates and stimulates us in the ongoing development and improvement of our chairs. On the following pages of our magazine you can see for yourself how we are turning this promise into up-to-date reality.