100% 24-hour chair – from the base to the headrest.

The Svenstol is the only 24-hour chair designed from the ground up – from the 6-legged base to the 6-way headrest – specifically for screen-based work in control centres.

Ideal for use day and night, the activePlus mechanism supports active, focused work, while the high level of comfort provides noticeable relief when sitting for long periods of time.

Its robust steel construction is designed for longevity in permanent 24-hour use; no standard office chair components are used.

6-way comfort headrest

Enhanced relief for neck and shoulder muscles in any sitting position.

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comfortPlus cushioning

Prevents pressure points and muscle strain.

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Steel frame with rapid adjustment

The frame is significantly more stable than that of a conventional office chair. With rapid adjustment of the recline angle on the side of the chair, it's easy to switch between a relaxed or an active sitting position.

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activePlus mechanism

Encourages movement while seated to promote better circulation and reduce strain on muscles.

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6-legged base

A chair so stable you could use it lying down.

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Large recline angle

Allows the user to relax and relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs.

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Replaceable seat cushion

The seat cushion can easily be replaced.

Active sitting with activePlus

When we sit down, we don't move around enough – and this lack of movement places excessive strain on our muscles, which are not designed for long-term periods of static activity. This can cause: Muscle strain, pain, a hunched posture and a premature loss of muscular strength. The solution: active sitting. The activePlus mechanism encourages increased movement. It activates the muscles, improves circulation and ensures that the user regularly makes that important switch between active and passive postures.

How activePlus works

The heart of the activePlus mechanism (1) is a torsion spring positioned just behind the front edge of the seat. This spring is designed to create an even resistance in the backrest each time the user moves. In combination with the large seat tilt angle of 20° backwards (2) and 6° forwards (3), the counter-pressure generated by the torsion spring promotes active sitting. This simple principle works without any conscious effort on the part of the user and encourages movement even when working on tasks that require no or very few changes of posture.

The activePlus effect

  • better circulation
  • sit for longer without strain
  • remain focused for longer
  • less loss of energy, improved ability to release stress and tension
  • prevent incorrect posture and relieve pressure on the intervertebral discs


recline angle

Large recline angle

Lean back and see things from a new perspective – and relieve your intervertebral discs and muscles with a potentially record-breaking 44-degree recline angle!


A comfortable sitting position reduces pressure points, prevents strain and helps you stay focused for longer. ComfortPlus optimises the distribution of pressure when you're in a seated position: From its shape, surface texture, density, hardness and cell structure, to the spring and cushioning characteristics of the ergonomic cold foam, every aspect of the cushioning is designed to provide unrivalled comfort. The maximised contact area ensures optimum weight distribution for comfortable sitting.


sitting comfort


adjustment for stability in any sitting position

Comfort headrest

Your neck bears the weight of your head all day long. If you sit for long periods of time, your shoulder and neck muscles can start to feel the strain, which can often result in pain and muscular tension.

Our comfort headrests provide the support you need while seated; simply adjust the height, tilt and depth of the cushion. Unlike the majority of other headrests on the market, our comfort headrest can be adjusted to support your head in any position, providing noticeable relief for your neck and shoulders.

Steel frame

Changing postures, extreme positions and heavy loads – our 24-hour chairs are specially designed in steel to satisfy the specific challenges of around-the-clock use. The Svenstol® S5 boasts an exceptionally robust chassis that has survived crash testing. The result: A chair that lasts, even with extremely heavy use.

10 kg



supporting legs

6-legged base

To create the perfect 24-stability hour chair, all components must be designed with ultimate comfort and stability in mind. With six supporting legs, the base lays the foundations: The additional arm reduces the specific load on the base and rollers by 20%, making the Svenstol® surprisingly manoeuvrable – in spite of its size. The stable base also ensures that the chair is highly resistant to tipping, even in extreme positions. In conjunction with the supporting elements, frame and high-quality mechanics, your sitting position is active and safe.

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