Svenstol in use at Fraport

The Frankfurt airport is Germany’s largest airport. In 2019, more than 70 million passengers arrived here by plane or took off to another airport. 80,000 people work in the Airport City and the baggage handling system's total length is more than 80 km - just some figures to illustrate the size of the airport. Only London-Heathrow, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol are larger in Europe.

Since 2019, the Svenstol 24-h chairs have been in use at Fraport in the security control centre (SCC), the central reporting and alerting point for all security concerns. It is an integrated control centre that coordinates all deployments of corporate security, the airport fire brigade and the rescue service. Up to 800 deployments are coordinated and documented there in 24 hours. The largest portion of this is attributable to the security sector. Usually 10 employees work there per shift - sitting on a Svenstol S5.