Special requirements – perfect quality

The equation looks simple enough on paper: A control room chair is used 7 times as much as the average office chair. If an office chair lasts for 10 years, then the same chair will last for two years in a control room. However, this doesn't work out in practice: Generally speaking, office swivel chairs very quickly become faulty or get damaged in a control room and can no longer be used. The equation fails to take some important aspects into account: the chair is used by different people and is therefore adjusted frequently; a significantly larger proportion of time is actually spent sitting; the work requires extreme sitting positions which place significant burdens on the chair and, because the users are predominately men, the average weight is higher.

StolComfort has taken these factors into account in the development of its Svenstol® models, and produces 24-hour chairs especially for control centre applications.
Our chairs are produced in line with strict quality standards. All key components such as the frame and cushioning foam are made in Germany – so you get the perfect swivel chair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our chairs are designed and developed in Lemgo, Germany. We manufacture our chairs in Lemgo and in Uddevalla in Sweden.

A 24-hour chair designed from the ground up:

  • Steel frame construction
  • Stable and easy-to-maintain mechanism
  • 6-legged base
  • Hard-wearing cover materials
  • Stable armrests
  • Replaceable seat cushion
  • Permanently elastic foam cushions
  • Reinforced gas spring column for height adjustment

If you want to explore the technical specifications of our chairs

in more detail, you'll find all the information you need here.

Technical information