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Whether it's the fire service, police, a power station or a large industrial plant, control centres all rely on people to keep things running. Control centre employees are required to concentrate on their screen and work in shifts, and – compared to other office-based workers – spend significantly more time sitting down, all of which has an effect on health and performance. In these settings, you need a chair in which long periods of sitting don't feel like torture; a chair that prevents strain and keeps you moving. The chair must also be adjustable to the various users on different shifts, and be significantly more stable than a standard office chair.

At StolComfort, we've been developing 24-hour chairs that meet this diverse set of requirements for 15 years. After starting out as a specialist supplier of ergonomic seating solutions for commercial vehicles in Sweden, we focused our development work from the outset on the ergonomic optimisation of demanding workplaces – first in vehicles, and then also in control centres, where conventional office chairs fail to meet the required stability and comfort standards. Over the years, we continued to adapt our modified vehicle seats – sourced from leading manufacturers – to meet the needs of office-based users, developing solutions such as the activePlus mechanism, which combines active and passive sitting.

In 2014, we launched our first entirely independently developed models, the Svenstol S5 and S6, marking an important step in our company's history. With these models, we are able to provide solutions that fulfil the ergonomic needs of 24-hour workplaces even more effectively. Over the coming years, we will continue to develop the Svenstol to make the working lives of our customers easier. With their high level of comfort and new design, Svenstol swivel chairs are becoming a popular option in normal office settings, too.

StolComfort is now a medium-sized company with production sites in Lemgo (Germany) and Uddevalla (Sweden), and sales offices in France, Austria and the USA. Our company headquarters and development team are now based in Germany. But since our very first day of business, our promise to our customers has remained unchanged: We are passionate about helping our customers to create productive and sustainable workplaces. Our goal is to provide chairs that make your working life easier and more enjoyable.

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