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24 hour chair

Svenstol® S5 and S6 have been developed 100% from the base to the headrest for use as an office chair around the clock.

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Now with a new armrest

Within seconds adjustable and extremely stable.

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Permanently ergonomic seating comfort

Whether it's a control room chair, XXL chair or executive chair, all our office chairs have one thing in common: you sit relaxed for a long time - for many, many years.

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Executive chair

The Svenstol® Manager combines the ergonomic design of our control centre chairs with a surprisingly attractive price.

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365 days, 3 shifts,
1 chair

Svenstol® is the benchmark when it comes to a control room chair and concentrated work. The professional control centre chair for round-the-clock use, 7 days a week.

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Ergonomic and active sitting

Everything under control in every situation? Thanks to the activePlus mechanism of our ergonomic office chairs, this is no problem.

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Active sitting with the 24 hour chairs – Svenstol®

High-quality, ergonomic 24 hour chairs designed specifically for control room applications combines stability with tailor-made ergonomics. Subjected to loads that are 5–7 times greater than standard office chairs, 24-hour chairs must be designed for functionality and comfort around the clock, and suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. The chair must promote concentration and prevent premature fatigue to help the user avoid potentially disastrous errors in this high-pressure, responsible role.

From the base to the headrest, the Svenstol® 24 hours office chair was developed from the ground up specifically for such applications. It combines the comfort and stability of a vehicle seating with the ergonomic of a cutting-edge office chair, while meeting the specific requirements of 24 hour office use settings – helping users in the workplace to remain focused, relaxed and energised around the clock, for years to come – with Svenstol® seating furniture.

What are the strengths of a 24 hour office chair?

The first 24-hour chair to be specifically developed for control room work, bringing together the benefits of vehicle and office chairs right from the start. It represents the evolution of our executive chair, with optimised sitting comfort and additional highlights, such as seat depth adjustment, height adjustable lumber support, the 6-legged star shaped base and the greater angle of back tilt.

Svenstol armrest

Specially developed for Svenstol and the 24h chair use. The sturdy PU support and the support made of aluminum are designed for years of continuous use. The adjustment takes place within seconds with the help of a specially developed mechanism.

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activePlus mechanism

The activePlus mechanism keeps you moving – so you stay relaxed and can focus for longer.

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6-legged base

Outstanding stability for the Svenstol's large recline angle, and optimised weight distribution for enhanced rolling characteristics on our product.

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comfortPlus cushioning

comfortPlus cushioning is designed to minimise pressure points, relieve pressure on muscles and improve circulation – creating the perfect conditions for ergonomic seating at work.

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Replaceable seat cushion

After many years of intensive use, even a Svenstol® will show signs of wear. If you want to experience that new-chair feeling once more, just replace the seat cushion – available in fabric and leather.

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Comfort headrest

Provides support in any sitting position and relieves your shoulder and neck muscles.

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