24 Stunden Stuhl

365 days, 3 shifts,1 chair

Svenstol® sets the benchmark for control room chairs and focused work. This professional control room chair is designed for use around the clock, 7 days a week.

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100% 24 hour chair

From the base to the headrest, Svenstol® S5 and S6 have been 100% developed for use around the clock. We do not use standard office chair components.

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24 Stunden Stuhl Service

1826 days, 5478 shifts, full service

With a 5 year full guarantee and an in-house customer service team*, every single Svenstol is a safe investment
(*in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway)

24 hour chairs from Svenstol®

Control rooms and emergency call centres require maximum concentration and lightning-fast reaction times. Permanent round-the-clock use not only places a great strain on the user, but also on the chair itself. A control room chair therefore needs to guarantee a relaxed, non-fatiguing sitting position in order to avoid errors, whilst also being 5-7 times more stable than a standard office chair. For this reason, Svenstol 24 hour chairs practically use no office chair components at all; instead they have a design which is 100% tailor-made for 24 hour use – from the 6-legged base to the activePlus mechanism to the comfort headrest.

Your benefits from Svenstol

  • Specialist

    100% developed for 24 hour use

    Svenstol 24 hour chairs are 100% specially developed from the ground up for screen-based work in control rooms – from the 6-legged base to the 6-way headrest. We do not use standard office chair components in these chairs.

  • Quality

    Our chairs are Made in Germany

    Svenstol models are designed and developed in Lemgo, Germany. We also build your chairs here. All key components such as the frame and cushioning foam are made in Germany, so you get the perfect swivel chair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Guarantee

    5 year full guarantee based on 24 hour use

    Lean back and stay relaxed with our full guarantee. Does your Svenstol have a fault? We will repair the damage as quickly as possible – generally within 1-2 weeks. All costs, including all parts, materials, work and shipping are covered by the guarantee.

  • Service

    In the event of a fault, our customer service team will come directly to you

    With Svenstol, you not only get the chairs “direct from the manufacturer”, you also get first-hand service. Thanks to our direct sales service, our field team will visit you on a regular basis and will always be quick to assist in the event of a complaint.

  • Trials

    You can test our chairs for 4 weeks free of charge

    You can only really find out how good a Svenstol is by using one: have a free trial to see for yourself what the chair has to offer. We would be happy to provide you with a test chair. 4 weeks – no obligation and free of charge.

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Why choose a 24 hour chair

Working in a control room is not the same as working in an office: on average, workers spend more than 30% more time sitting down; the tasks often require less physical activity and often multiple screens must be used. Night shifts disturb the body’s natural rhythms and in many cases, errors can have severe consequences. A suitable 24 hour chair must help to overcome these challenges more effectively.

Healthy sitting

Your Svenstol® 24 hour chair is waiting.

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