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High-quality, ergonomic 24 hour chairs designed specifically for control room applications combines stability with tailor-made ergonomics. Subjected to loads that are 5–7 times greater than standard office chairs, 24-hour control room chairs must be designed for functionality and comfort around the clock, and suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. The chair must promote concentration and prevent premature fatigue to help the user avoid potentially disastrous errors in this high-pressure, responsible role. From the base to the headrest, the Svenstol® 24 hours office chair was developed from the ground up specifically for such applications. It combines the comfort and stability of a vehicle seating with the ergonomic of a cutting-edge office chair, while meeting the specific requirements of 24 hour office use settings.

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What is a 24-hour chair?

24-hour chairs (also known as heavy duty chairs, control room chairs, 24 hour office chair, dispatcher chair, 24 hour chairs heavy duty, 24 hour control room chairs, 24 hour dispatch chairs, 24 hour operator chair or 24 hour task chair) are ergonomic office chairs developed for shift work, particularly in workplaces where monitoring (control rooms) and observation-based (dispatcher) work is carried out. These include, among other places, control rooms, 911 dispatchers, control centres, security control rooms, air-traffic control towers, porters’ offices, lobbies, 24-hour receptions or observation rooms. 

People working in control rooms must maintain a high level of concentration at all times. That means that their control room chairs must be ergonomic and, above all, perfectly tailored to their specific requirements and to prolonged use. After all, in a control room, sudden tiredness caused by sitting and working at a desk for long periods in a non-ergonomic position is a complete no-no. Office chairs for 24-hour use are particularly ergonomic. Special mechanisms in the chairs prevent muscle cramps, back pain, hunched posture and premature dips in performance even during long shifts. This makes a control room chair essential office furniture for any control centre. 

What's special about 24-hour chairs?

In contrast to a normal office chair, heavy duty chairs have to be especially robust and equipped with a specially strengthened mechanism, optimised for frequent adjustment and for the prolonged stress associated with use 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The dispatcher chair is re-adjusted to the needs of new users at almost every change of shift. That makes it all the more important that the 24 hour chair can be set up quickly and intuitively by hand. Adjustable settings include the position of the 24 hour office chair backrest (the recline angle can be adjusted to up to 44 degrees using a tilt lever, ensuring an optimal seating position), headrests, cushion length (from 340 to 510mm) and folding arms (armrests), as well as its lumbar supports (pneumatically adjustable lumbar spine air cushion) and the basic seat height (maximum basic seat height 600mm). 

The chairs are upholstered in black or range of other colours using especially hard-wearing cloth, leather, or a combination of the two (part-leather), making them particularly suitable for 24-hour use. A lumbar support is often fitted to a control room chair as standard. Designs for 24-hour office chairs are often based on car seats, since these products have to be extremely well-built from the outset in order to meet the heavy demands placed upon them. 

StolComfort and the control room chair

At StolComfort we have spent the last 15 years developing control room chairs for 24-hour use to meet these varied ergonomic requirements. After starting out as a specialist supplier of ergonomic seating solutions for commercial vehicles in Sweden, we focused our development work from the outset on the ergonomic optimisation of demanding working environments – first in vehicles, and then in control centres and control rooms where conventional office chairs fail to reach the required levels of stability and comfort. Over the years the converted vehicle seats - themselves made by renowned manufacturers - were progressively tailored more and more towards office requirements. A key factor in their continuing development was feedback from our satisfied customers. One of the innovations that came out of this was the activePlus-Mechanism, which combines active and relaxed sitting. Hard-wearing cloth and leather coverings round off our range of products. 

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24-hour chair features & parts

A control-room chair should meet all of the following criteria. Compare it for yourself! The free trial is key. It is the only way to find out whether the control-room chair really works for you.

  • Quick set-up according to your individual needs
  • Stable, low-maintenance mechanism
  • 6-legged aluminium base
  • Extremely high build quality.
  • Wide range of recline angles (adjustable pitch)
  • Replaceable seat cushion
  • High-quality headrest
  • Lumbar support
  • Steel frame (10kg)
  • Hard-wearing coverings in cloth and leather
  • Stable armrests
  • Permanently elastic foam cushions
  • Reinforced gas spring column for height adjustment
  • On-site service
  • Free trial prior before purchase